Mommy, My Ear Hurts!

A Better, Safer, and Non-Invasive Way to Help Your Child Get Rid of Their Ear Infections!

Did you know that five out of six children will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday (NIDCD)? In fact, ear infections are the most common reason parents bring their child to a doctor.

Acute ear infections are associated with several symptoms like fever, headache, irritability, and listlessness which may lead to hearing impairments or other complications over time.

Most parents will listen to their medical doctor and give their child medication to try and “cure” this problem or even have tubes put in their ears.

Although sold as a more permanent solution for recurrent ear infections, and/or perhaps necessary to prevent long-term damage from past infections, tubes are not without risk and even the medical guidelines are unclear when they should be utilized! Dr. Stephen Berman (professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado and the Children’s Hospital in Denver) states that the medical guidelines are confusing and that children needlessly get tubes in their ears on a regular basis.

According to a new long-term study by Dr. Robert Stenstrom of St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, young children randomly assigned to receive ear tubes or treated daily with antibiotics revealed that those with ear tubes experienced significant damage to their eardrums compared to the antibiotic group. Additionally, tubes were connected to poorer hearing 6 to 10 years after they were removed.

We are motivated to share a different strategy which happens to be rooted in the TRUTH. What made the body heals the body and when interference is removed, our bodies perform optimally!

We do not want your children to become part of the statistics from above. Please join us for Mommy, My Ear Hurts! - on Wednesday, February 21st at 6:00 pm CST at Active Health Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Is Your Answer!!!

Parents are on a hunt to find natural and effective ways to support their children, making CHIROPRACTIC the answer if you and your family are on a question to live an extraordinary life!

The most exciting part of this strategy is that there are no harmful or scary side effects and the solution is all natural, effective, and extremely safe.

Chiropractic helps restore your body's normal biomechanics, which reduces stress on the spine and nervous system allowing you to function at 100%.

During our time together, we will share specific ways to help your child thrive without drugs or surgery and everything we share can be directly applied to your life as well.

Hosted by:

Active Health

Why do we do what we do?

We exist to share the TRUTH!

We can no longer sit back and allow our community to be misled and suffer.

Our goal is to make our community one of the healthiest places to live in the world.

But this feat cannot be accomplished alone…

We need the support of our practice members, leaders in our community, and anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

One way you can help is by inviting the people you care about most to our event, Mommy, My Ear Hurts! - .

This is guaranteed to be life changing and we cannot wait to help people take control of the stress in their life so that the stress does not control them any longer.

When And Where
From 2/21/2018 6:00 PM To 2/22/2018 6:30 PM CST
20 N 29th St Fort Dodge 50501 United States